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About Us

About Us

Dimension journey started 11 years ago 2007.miss Ayesha Hidayat Director of dimension share her views as follows,

After working for 15 years in the field of special education with different institutes and hospitals I realized that there was so much that could be done and done right. Which being on employee or consultant I could not because people had different vision and approach in this sector which my inner self-refused to accept. To me this was no business, working with special kids to me was a scared trust God has bestowed upon us and I wanted to do justice to it.so I created Dimension to support my vision passion and mission God has chosen me for.

The basic idea behind dimensions was to provide quality services for children with multiple impairments (unlike government facilities) under the same roof. Where a compete team of professionals are available to cater children according to their needs Secondly to propagate and popularize inclusive education.

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Dr Samia Sarmad PT


Ayesha Hidayat

Clinical Psychologist/Director Dimensions

Husna Iftikhar


Kanwal Abad

Clinical psychologist / Program Coordinator
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ADDRESS130 B Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan