are made by trained behavior analyst, home-based and school-based behavior management program are also provided to make child’s behavioral modification a success. We keep in close touch with parents and normal school faculty to ensure and plans a success.

We also provided psychological assessment:

Dimensions are equipped with its wide range of assessment tools. That allows evaluating child’s potential in various areas. Namely

  • IQ testing
  • Learning disability testing: to determine if one has any such problem causing underperformance ie. Dyslexia, ADHD, language disability, reading and writing delay, visual perception skill disorder etc
  • Personality testing: neurological testing
  • Visual motor testing: which helps in verifying specific abnormalities in relation to the developmental functioning

Another area which we are very passionate about is mainstream also known as inclusive education

Mainstreaming ( inclusive education)

Dimensions aim at promoting and popularizing inclusive education area which has been brutally ignored by government and most of the schools in our country. Here at dimensions, we provide remedial programs to children with learning disabilities.According to the express tribune, approximately 1.8 million people in Pakistan are affected with learning disabilities.

This is neurologically based processing problem which can interfere with learning basic skills such as writing reading or math. This can also interfere with the higher level of skills such as organizations, time planning, abstract reasoning, long or short term memory and attending skills. here at dimensions we use elective techniques to help them overcome their weakness and provide them Remedial backup classes to help them to keep up with their normal schooling.a child is ready he is gradually mainstream into normal school with the backup remedial classes. We stay in close collaboration with school faculty to help him overcome any hurdle on his way to keep up with the class.