One to one based program

Our programs are very diverse in services they provide we have created a developmental approach that engages the child at the current level of functioning and utilizes intensive, interactive experiences to enable them to master new capabilities. We provide 1 to 1 base programs for all range of disorders namely cerebral palsy multiple impairments down syndrome autism children with learning disabilities slow learners and also children with hearing aid and cochlear implant, as u can see on the monitor.  The child to staff ratio in this program is one to one. After standardized clinical screening and psychological assessment by trained clinical psychologist IEP ( individualized educational program) is tailor made keeping in view child unique needs, strength, weakness and development profile. This IEP is then implemented using elective approaches and therapies by team of trained clinical psychologist, behavior analyst, special educationist, speech pathologist, physiotherapist and occupational therapist. We focus on global betterment of the child.